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ArchiMed invests in buyout and growth capital transactions, across all European countries, focusing specifically on growing companies.

The investment team is made up of investment professionals who, for the most part, have led or worked with the 3i Healthcare team during the past decade. The team has invested over 1 billion euros in healthcare companies, in Northern America, Europe and Asia

Amounts invested are typically between 5M€ and 30M€ per transaction, which can be extended to higher levels with the support of ArchiMed’s investors.

ArchiMed invests in all four major healthcare segments:
- Care and Wellness
- Medtech
- BioPharma
- Public Health

Over 10,000 companies are active in these areas in Europe and represent a combined turnover in excess of 100bn€.

We invest on the basis of business projects defined by leading management teams to whom we bring our network of contacts, our experience and capital.

We work intensely with them to accelerate the growth of their businesses through the development of their product and service offerings as well as their geographic expansion.

Our network in the healthcare sector is available to all of ArchiMed’s partnering companies. It provides:
• Contacts in major groups in the healthcare sector that may become key accounts
• Access to regulators as well as both public and private payers
• Additional management resources for existing or future international businesses.

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Our Strategy
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Enhancing the development of the European Healthcare industries by supporting sector champions

ArchiMed invests equity in established and profitable companies within the healthcare sector, principally in Europe.

Amounts invested are dependent on the needs of the investee companies. ArchiMed is focused on smallcap and midcap companies.

ArchiMed invests in all four major healthcare segments : Medtech, Care services, Preventive health and BioPharma.

Over 8,000 small to midcap companies are active in these sectors in Europe and represent a combined turnover in excess of 90Bn€.

ArchiMed backs entrepreneurial teams to whom we bring :

> Capital funding for both organic and M&A initiatives
> International and experienced healthcare-focused investment team with balanced skill-set of investment, operational and consulting backgrounds
> Network of relationships across our focus areas, providing access to potential clients, suppliers, partners and key opinion leaders

These teams are systematically incentivized on value creation. The objective is always to accelerate the growth of their businesses through the development of their products and service offerings as well as their geographic expansion, whilst simultaneously the medical project.

Denis Ribon, Managing Partner

Denis has 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector. After working as a veterinarian and as a strategy consultant at ATKearney, Denis joined 3i where he became global head of their healthcare practice, leading the firm’s healthcare investment and portfolio activity in Europe, North America and Asia.

Denis has been actively involved in the strategic growth and development of companies across all major healthcare sectors. He has served on the board of directors of more than 15 firms, including 10 public and private healthcare companies, such as Quintiles, Labco, iPP, Vétoquinol, Neftys Pharma, Carso, Bioprofile or Cair.

Denis is a member of the Institut Montaigne, a French think tank.

Denis graduated from the French Veterinary University of Lyon and holds an MBA from HEC Paris.

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